Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Professional commercial photographer Gerry McIntyre, Portraits, studio and environmental portraits.

I just attended a six week, SCORE sponsored, Tuesday mornings workshop on how to become a Well Run Business. I would recommend it to any small business operator trying to sharpen his/her business skills. Today's final session just ended, and it ended on the theme of social networking. I've let my social media presence ebb while I got moved back into my old studio building and readjusted my business focus. The SCORE series talked about how we all have to constantly be reinventing ourselves and our services. I haven't Blogged for awhile but was inspired to get it out there what a nice class it was, and to give a shout out to SCORE and particularly Jack and Bill who were the MC's of the course. You can find more information about future presentations at: Sacramento Score workshops .

Professional commercial photographer Gerry McIntyre, Portraits, studio and environmental portraits.: Professional Photographer Gerry McIntyre, a Commercial Photographer, his portfolio is of business portraits, executive portraits, environmental portraits, used with advertising, annual reports the web

Thursday, January 12, 2012

LinkedIn Portraits

LinkedIn Portraits is my observation today.

LinkedIn is where people are posting to the world some of their most important credentials. Their accomplishments, their employment histories, recommendations, objectives and values. Don't post a photograph that doesn't put you in the best light. A digital photograph/portrait can now last forever! A long time not to look your very best!

Further, It can be seen around the world in the instant you publish it!

It is hard to take it back once you give it to the world.

Don't mess around with with something you just happen to have in your iPhone. Get a professional portrait made.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Moral and Ethical Decisions

Seldom do we see our politicians being recognized for making 'Moral and Ethical Decisions'. We were honored when "Government Technology" magazine asked us to photograph California Secretary of State Debra Bowens. We learned it was because she had just been awarded the JFK "Profile in Courage Award". Secretary Bowens had made the difficult and expensive decision to stop California from using newly installed and just being installed Voter Terminals. Her staff had decided that they couldn't certify the election results if we voted with these computer terminals. Tommy McKeith the Art Director asked us to try to work the award into the photograph if possible. We meet with a staffer from Secretary of State's office to do the scouting. She allowed us to scout the offices a few days before the shoot to find just the right spot to do the shoot. There was a nice balcony and office but we the courtyard caught our eye on our way in, that would be the spot.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Short Circuited by Technology?

Let’s face it; technology is everywhere and ever changing. It impacts our work life, family life, and friendly life. There is no way out of it, unless you plan to go off the grid, and since many of us like our place on said grid, we have to find a way to keep up. Read the FIVE ways we keep up with technology.

1. NEWS – Most national news platforms have a section on their website labeled “Technology.” It is usually filled with information on the latest and greatest technology advancements as well as the controversy that comes along with it. Scanning this section can be a great way to keep current:

a. Suggested News: http://www.npr.org/sections/technology/, http://www.cnn.com/TECH/

2. BLOGS – Blogs help us expand our understanding. Make sure you are following a blog written by an expert or experts of the industry. Blogs usually support comments at the bottom of each post. This allows for a topical debate to pursue, and if anything is good for a laugh.

a. Suggested Blog: http://slashdot.org/

3. REVIEWS – Eventually we all have to replace our electronics. Before you rush to Best Buy or the Apple Store read the responses to new products by industry professionals. It is also help to read consumer reviews. Reviews will help direct you to the product that is best fit for your lifestyle.

a. Suggested Reviews: http://www.engadget.com/reviews/

4. TIPS & TRICKS – We all need tips and tricks to help simplify. We generally keep adding more to our plate than taking away. Useful tips and tricks will help you find and maintain a balance within technology. You might even be able to teach your kids a thing or two.

a. Suggested Tips: http://lifehacker.com/#!fromthetipsbox

5. HIGHLIGHTS – OK, you are the person who has no time except for that five-minute coffee break in the wee hours of the morning. You need the Highlights page. This page will give you all of the most talked about highlights for the week. Scan and sip.

a. Suggested Highlights: http://lifehacker.com/#!highlights

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Buying a Point and Shoot Digital Camera

It’s that joyful time of year when family and friends get together and create memories that will last a lifetime. Every year you say you’re going to buy a digital camera so no moment goes uncaptured, not even Susie’s attempt to reveal Santa’s real identity. Buying a point and shoot digital camera can be a daunting task. Every year you walk away from the camera counter feeling confused, frustrated and unable to make a decision with all of the different options.

It’s time for you to have some fun this holiday season and have the pictures to show for it. Don’t be scared by Megapixels. It literally means one million pixels, and relates to the resolution of your image. Most digital cameras now have plenty of megapixels for the average home use. What you really want to focus on are price range and comfortability.

Price Range: Pick One


· 12.1 megapixel

· Small 4x zoom

· Basic video capture option (Maybe)

· Basic light and effect settings

· Will get the job done, but don’t expect it to last you for years.

· Great for kids and teens!


· 12.1-14.1 megapixel

· Zoom range between 4x-12x (Depending on camera)

· Standard video capabilities

· Stronger auto-focus system

· Potentially face recognition capabilities.

· Greater range of manual controls such as ISO and Exposure controls

· Great for the average family camera capturing vacations, holidays and everything in between.


· 12.1-14.1 megapixel camera

· Zoom range between 4x-12x (Depending on camera)

· HD video capabilities.

· Stronger auto-focus system

· Face recognition capabilities

· Greater range of manual controls such as ISO and Exposure controls

· Interchangeable lenses, purchased separately. (Depending on camera)

· Great for the amateur photographer who desires a higher quality image and greater access to camera controls.


· Brands:

§ Canon and Nikon have been leading the digital imaging race for years.

§ Consistent quality year after year.

§ We stick with the brands we are comfortable with, Canon and Nikon.

· Physical Comfortability:

§ Pick up a couple of Canon and Nikon cameras within your price range.

§ Play with the settings, get a feel for the zoom, pay attention to button placement.

· Ask yourself:

§ “Which one feels more comfortable in my hand?”

§ “Are the buttons easy to access?”

§ “Are the camera controls user friendly?”

If you are buying as a gift, don’t forget to buy batteries, the right memory card (ask your customer service rep), and a case or bag for the camera. Feel confident in your purchase and get ready to practice your photography skills all throughout the holiday season. Don’t let a moment go uncaptured!

Happy Holidays from GMPdigital

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh the places you will go!

There are many joys in being a professional photographer. Making people smile is fun, but meeting new people and businesses can be very fulfilling. We often gain access to people and places that we normally wouldn’t come across. GMPdigital recently completed its twelfth year as portrait photographer for the Metro Chamber of Commerce’s Perspectives speaker forum. We are very proud to be apart of such a unique event. This year we had the pleasure of meeting and photographing such inspirational figures as Marcus Buckingham and Chef Jeff Henderson, not to mention political figures such as Howard Dean and Sarah Palin. We feel privileged to be apart of Sacramento’s fine community. We look forward to serving Sacramento‘s photography needs for years to come. Thank you for the opportunity to be apart of your world.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Putting the power in your hands

Your complete estimate checklist:

The who, why, where, when, what and how of estimates

Estimates are the framework to any photo shoot. They are used throughout the creative process, double-checking everyone’s needs are being met. Take your first steps towards pre-planning below with a complete estimate checklist.


Put in the picture who or what is being photographed. This will help the photographer begin to visualize the image(s). Ensure you don’t have to spend time back tracking in the conversation.


Save yourself time by telling the entire story upfront. Why is the subject being photographed? Ensure the photographer has a good understanding of the concept. Your estimate will then reflect your concept.


Further the visualization by establishing the ideal environment. Photographing in the studio is going to require a different strategy then photographing on the Capitol lawn. Keep up your pre-planning with location awareness.


Establishing your estimated start date will allow the photographer to assess their calendar and ensure they can meet your time constraints. Time means money, so this one is important.


Share what type of file you need and what size. Sometimes it is hard to know how many images you want at the end, but try your best to provide a ball park range. The more information you give, the more accurate your estimate will be.


Usage rights can be confusing. Save yourself the headache by knowing who will be using the image and how the image will be used. This will help the photographer make certain they are selling you the correct rights.

Establishing as much of this information upfront can save you time, money, and confusion. Make sure all of your needs are going to be met at the beginning. For more information or help with your own estimate checklist, call GMPdigital at 916-640-8888.